Viewer Release Notes

Version: 1.12 *Latest
Release Date: 20.4.22
Change log: 
PRO version
  • Fix empty plot when switching from VSWR, Gain and K-Factor to Y/Z-Parameters and Smith Chart
FREE version
  • Fix set range for X and Y-Axis
  • Correct export chart to image (PNG)
  • We provide a user manual now
Version: 1.11
Release Date: 16.3.22
Change log: 
PRO version
  • Add VSWR plot
  • Add Gain charts
  • Add K-factor charts

FREE version
  • General features:

    • Restore update manager.

    • Restore mail to us button at footer.

    • Add Changelog display during the first launch of the new version.

  • Plotting Features:

    • Add unwrapped phase.

    • Toggle on/off for all series checkboxes.

    • The export button now required two clicks and is more straightforward now.

  • Connect Features:

    • Enhance the connection to VNA.

    • Support Sanko Bird BN1000 modal in connecting.

  • Bug Fixing:

    • Fix step size display bug.

    • Fix dark mode when viewed in Smith chart.

FREE version updates included in PRO version

Version: 1.10
Release Date: 1.1.22
Change log: 
NEW feature:
  • Support overlay charts for PRO users

Enhanced VNA Connect Features:
  • Added USB connection option for VNA Connection Feature
  • Update the VNA connection guideline document with USB connection
Bug fixes:
  • Input text boxes show '0' instead of 'default'
  • Y-axis grid in phase display is 90/180 degree
Version: 1.9
Release Date: 20.10.21
Change log: 
Enhanced VNA Connect Features:
  • Rename the VNA model list by combining Agilent and Keysight VNA models.
  • Added IP address history list.
  • Added Bandwidth Resolution Settings.
  • Added SI unit input for start frequency and stop frequency inputs.

This update is available in both FREE and PRO version
Version: 1.8
Release Date: 15.9.21
Change log: 
Import touchstone file from Vector Network Analyzer (VNA).
  • Establish the connection by
    • Selecting the VNA model
    • Selecting suitable protocol
    • Input IP address
  • Setup the VNA to import touchstone files by
    • Select the SNP type
    • Input characteristic impedance
    • Input Start/stop frequency
    • Input Sweep points
  • Various bug fix and performance improvement ​
This update is available in both FREE and PRO version
Version: 1.7
Release Date: 22.6.21
Change log: 
1. Upgrade to OxyPlot SkiaSharp renderer to increase plotting performance.
2. Display plotting time at footer.
3. Allow to adjust start and stop range of X and Y Axis after plot.
4. Consolidate refresh and plot button.

This update is available in both FREE and PRO version
Version: 1.6
Release Date: 19.5.21
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades

1. Display useful properties at status bar

Tweak and Improvements

1. Increased plotting performance by upgrading to Oxyplot 2.0

2. Change plot option to become better with simple drop down selection

3. Cleaner and Neater UI

This update is available in both FREE and PRO version
Version: 1.5
Release Date: 21.4.21
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades

1. Add and remove marker on the chart

2. Support Mini Circuits touchstone format

Tweak and Improvements

1. Now support accurate Rohde & Schwarz file format

Bug Fixing

1. Fix swap issue in S12 and S21 when opening some s2p files

2. Fix issue related with loading s1p files

3. Fix empty screen glitch when switching plot from group delay