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AI-Assisted High Frequency EDA Tool

EDS HF with AI optimization, first in Asia

Product Info

Asia's first RF EDA that uses a personalized AI-assisted optimization. FILPAL EDS High-Frequency (HF) is a RF EDA to run circuit level design simulations, perform small signal, high frequency analysis. It has an intuitive interface and cost efficient pricing. AI-assisted optimization allows faster design process and time-to-market for RF designers

S-parameters chart from Touchstone Viewer
Smith chart parameters from FILPAL Touchstone Viewer

1. High Frequency Simulations

  • S,Y,Z parameters plotting up to 32 ports

  • Supports Smith Chart and Linear simulations

  • Import, export and design schematics using touchstone files

2. Intuitive Design Process

  • Fast data point calculator

  • Easy-to-use tuning feature

  • Automatic transmission line analysis/synthesis

  • Export in touchstone, gerber, images or .csv

A spurious free (tuning-less) schematic drawing
EDS HF in dark theme while performing turing

3. User-friendly interface

  • Light and dark theme

  • Various components from lumped to distributed found easily in the toolbox

  • Quick simulation setup all happening in a single page

  • User-defined components packaging and library

4. AI-assisted Optimization

  • Extended application for optimizing EDS HF designs

  • User-friendly interface to quickly setup a personalized AI configuration

  • AI model trained on user side for better performance in the long run

EDS HF's AI Optimization runn in parallel to save society
EDS HF with AI reincoment
AI assisted optimization using reinforcement learning

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