EDS HF Release Notes

Version: 1.11.92 *LATEST
Release Date: 3.1.21
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades

1. Printing function now available

2. Added some new Q-factor related component variants

Tweak and Improvements

1. Wire pathfinding updated and will no longer overlap symbols

2. Updated application and file icon

Bug Fixing

1. Fix bug where panning schematic may glitch

2. Tweaked components placement to be aligned with grid squares

3. Minor components and wire GUI fix

4. Backend code housekeeping for stability

Old save files may experience some issues loading properly. Please contact us if your old save files are not loading as expected so we can assist you in recovery.

Version: 1.10.90
Release Date: 3.2.20
Change log: 
Tweak and Improvements

1. Tuning function is switched on by default

2. Wire now visible ON TOP if the wire is shorted across component.

3. Calculator now show undefined if plot point has infinity response

Bug Fixing

1. Fix bug where deleting short circuited component will cause EDS to crash

2. Fix bug where touchstone files data not displayed accurately if more than 10-ports

3. Back-end code housekeeping for stability

Version: 1.9.89
Release Date: 17.12.19
Change log: 
Tweak and Improvements

1. Major speed improvement when plotting response (up to 25x faster)

2. Invalid plot point will now Interpolate for approximate instead of shifting plot point frequency

3. Calculator now show undefined if plot point has infinity response

Bug Fixing

1. Fix bug where Save As may cause EDS to crash

2. Fix bug with linecal do not update when TL options are modified

3. Fix bug where linecal do not auto-update values when variables are updated

4. Fix bug where MCLIN, SCLIN and SSCLIN do not work as expected when tuning

5. Fix bug where invalid attribute values can still be plotted

6. Fix bug where variable can hold complex expression

7. Fix bug related with invalid expression in attributes

8. Backend code housekeeping for stability

Version: 1.8.88
Release Date: 28.10.19
Change log: 
Bug Fixing

1. Fix bug that user defined item (PDK) does not hold touchstone information if cloned

2. Fix bug where port value missing if selected from recent/favourite

3. Fix bug where User-Defined Panel does not refresh if "New Page"

4. Fix bug where tuning will not work properly with saved file

5. Fig bug where exporting gerber fail sometimes

6. Fix bugs where component values not updated sometimes

7. Back end code optimization for better stability

8. Numerous bug fix

Version: 1.7.87
Release Date: 30.6.2019
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades

1. Assign User-Defined Variables as values

2. Values now support mathematical formulas and notations

3. New Formula Editor that contains pre-defined mathematical formulas and notations

4. Search function now available for components in schematic

Tweak and Improvements

1. Tuning now only support variables

2. SI metric prefix now select-able from a dropbox. It is no longer supported as a written input

3. Zoom Control location changed to bottom right. No longer an overlay on schematic

4. Minor UI tweaks


1. Save files v1.6.85 are not supported in v1.7.87

2. Save files created in v1.7.87 not supported in older versions of EDS

Bug Fixing

1. Fix bugs related with tuning stability

2. Fix bugs related with multiple selection features

3. Fix bugs related with export .csv and .txt files for smith chart

4. Update undo/redo algorithm to support variables

5. Fix bugs related with preview schematic images during load/save

6. Many more misc bugs related with UI and stability

Version: 1.6.85
Release Date: 2.4.2019
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades

1. EDS now support multiple selection.

2. Ctrl-Click to select multiple components specifically.

3. Drag box to allow easy multiple selection of components.

4. Rotating components will now rotate along a center point of your whole selection.

5. Added a rotate button at workspace area for those who want to toggle rotation of multiple components by mouse click.

6. Minor bug fixes to enhance users experience.

Version: 1.5.84
Release Date: 17.2.2019
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades

1. EDS now support undo/redo actions.

2. New Export Image file manager.


Besides these new features, we also perform lots of UI optimization and bug fixing to improve the stability and your user experiences.

Version: 1.4.81
Release Date: 8.1.2019
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades

1. New Export touchstone and Gerber files manager.

2. Group Delay Calculation enabled for Data Item, PDK, Artwork.

Tweak and Improvements

1. Minor UI tweak for PDK Panel.

2. EDS now uses FontAwesome icons.

3. Minor UI tweak for files manager.

Bug Fixing

1. Fix a bug where EDS would crash when loading some saved schematic with Z- ,Y- SnP files.

2. Fix wire connection on Parallel/Cross network where delete action would sometimes cause EDS crash.

3. Fix on PDK module where width and length cannot be different.

4. Improved stability performance of autosave feature.

5. Many minor bug fixing to increase EDS performance and stability.

Version: 1.3.81
Release Date: 1.11.2018
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades
1. Autosave Feature that save every 5 minutes.
Tweak and Improvements
1. Group Delay now under S-Params and support multiple ports.
2. Calculator supports group delay.
3. Display unit at Y-Axis.
4. More standardized and fresh UI look.
5. Open page improvements.
Bug Fixing
1. Fix bug where EDS would crash when joining/deleting wire.
2. No more missing open button at open page.
3. Numerous bug fixing to increase EDS performance and stability.
Version: 1.2.80
Release Date: 8.10.2018
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades
1. Multiple Smith Chart Plotting and Export
2. Group Delay Chart
3. Shortest path node to node connection
4. New open and save file manager
5. Brand new messages log
UI and Performance Improvements
1. Modern looking Icons
2. Improved symbol parameter input panel
3. Various bug fixings
Version: 1.2.69
Release Date: 25.6.2018
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades
1. Artwork with gap layout generation.
2. Artwork with footprint layout generation.
3. Artwork supports simulation and import snp file.
4. PDK supports artwork keepout area generation.
5. Microstrip interconnect auto fill dimension removal.
6. Ideal open/short circuit stub added.
Bug Fixing
1. Fix bugs for Microstrip interconnect gerber generation.
2. Fix bugs for Linear chart calculator.
3. Fix bugs for coupled line simulation.
Version: 1.1.64
Release Date: 22.5.2018
Change log: 
NEW Features/Upgrades
1. SnP import/export up to 4 ports.
2. SnP file conversions.
3. PDK multiple ports support.
4. Export responses to .CSV feature.
5. Export responses to .TXT feature.
6. Microstrip coupled line synthesis & analysis.
7. Microstrip coupled line gerber generation.
8. Microstrip interdigital capacitor gerber generation.
9. Microstrip rectangular inductor gerber generation.
UI Improvements
1. Pop up dialog box always on top for the app exit confirmation.
2. Tweak the PDK Module for better UI and performance.
3. Plot button bold when plot become obsoletes from user actions.
4. Tweak the window for viewing SnP file.
5. Slightly improved pop-up messages.
Bug Fixing
1. Fix bugs for Multiple node components.
2. Fix bugs for copy/paste symbols.
3. Fix bugs where PDK symbols nodes not placed correctly.
4. Many more fixes to improve performance and accuracy.
5. Fix bugs on load and source gain circles in Smith chart.
Version: 1.0.59
Release Date: 12.2.2018
Change log: 
1. S/Y/Z parameters simulation.
2. Smith Chart simulation (S/Noise/Gain/Stability circles).
3. Touchstone/Gerber export.
4. Lumped/TXLine/Data Items.
5. Fast Calculator.
6. Language support (English/Malay/Chinese).
7. Process Design Kit (User Defined Libraries).
8. Light/Dark Theme supported.
9. Simulation Tuning.

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