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An electronic platform to open, view, analyze, and export your S-parameters, Y-parameter, and Z-parameter instantaneously. FILPAL, Touchstone Viewer Pro Version allows the following features:


- Real-time conversions between different types of network parameters for data processing and post-analysis.
- A quick glance at Groupdelay's performance.
- Real-time Smith Chart conversions from an SNP file. 
- S2P file analyses including multiple Load/Source Stability Circles, Noise Circles, Gain Circles evaluation at single/multiple frequency points of interest.  
- Real-time conversions between magnitude, dB, phase, real and imaginary.
- Import and view S2P, S3P, S4P, ... SNP for the n-port parameter file.
- Export the data in different file formats: CSV, and Txt for your own uses.
- Export and save the graph in jpg and PDF format.
- Provide data interpolation within the range of microwave frequency retrieved from the imported data-item file.
- Provide a user-friendly interface with the choice of light and dark theme.
- Support data tooltip displayed on chart series.

Touchstone Viewer PRO



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