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Nickel, Silver & Gold Plating for E&E application


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Industrial plating for better surface conductivity and improved performance. Our expertise covers plating on Nickel, Silver, Gold and more on various base materials ranging from stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and more.

Silver/Gold Plating

Silver plating helps reduce the loss of RF signals by mitigating the skin effect.

Silver is used in places where the resistance to the current flow along the surface matters (ex: waveguide interior, RF coils outer surface)

Gold plating helps protect against corrosion and wear resistance.

Gold is used in high cycle applications because of its ruggedness and excellence wear properties (ex: RF connectors, adapters and contactors)


Plating Grades

  • MIL-QQ-S-36

  • Hardness grades of silver

    • Type I : Matte finish​

    • Type II : Semi-bright finish

    • Type III : Bright finish

  • Gold Purity vs Hardness combinations

    • Type I : A, B or C​

    • Type II : B, C or D

    • Type III : A only

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