FILPAL Touchstone Viewer

  • Support S/Y/Z Parameters Simulation

  • Data Post-Processing for better analysis

  • Export the graphs in different format

  • Simple interface makes it easy to use

  • Compatible with Windows OS

Application Notes

Transmission Line​

  • Identify the basic parameters of
    transmission line

  • Observe the S-parameter response of the transmission

  • Understand how the transmission line can behave like a quarter wave transformer

  • Know the importance of unitary condition for lossless two port network

Lumped Filters

  • Be familiarized with the use of FIPAL to design a real practical filter from the specification to the fabrication and measurement

  • Learn how to design a low pass filter starting from its specification

  • Have an experience of using PDK feature which is commonly used by the designer in the industry

  • Understand the limitation of available components in the market and its inherent package parasitic

Wilkinson Power Divider

  • Understand the basic of three port devices and its simulation

  • Understand that lossless three port devices cannot have all the three ports matched

  • Be able to simulate the S-parameter response of the Wilkinson Power Divider